Recognize, Rise and Empower (RRAE) Association is a non-profit organization based in Manipur,  working for the socio- economic empowerment as well as sustainable development of women in and around the troubled peripheries of North East India, and the neighboring South East Asian countries through various methodologies. Conflict affect both men and women. However, it affects and impact men and women differently. In conflict affected zones, women are the most vulnerable group and the ill-impact of conflict are greater for women than men. This heightened the already existing unequal power equation between men and women.

The 42nd session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women called for action in a number of areas in which ensuring gender-sensitive justice and meeting the specific needs of women affected by conflict was among some. Further again, UN Security Council Resolution 1325 which was passed in the year 2000 also has been a remarkable step to reaffirm the need of women in conflict affected regions, mainly to address gender based violence and the impact of conflict on women.

The shared commitment to work for marginalized women survivors of conflict zones founded this non-profit organization to provide a platform for these women to come together and share their experiences. The organization will seek to empower them by providing skills for basic sustenance.


Be a leader in empowering conflict affected women in North East India and the South East Asian Region. A deep commitment with focus, driven by values and the larger interest for all the stakeholders through collective responsibility will guide the organization. The organization will strive to attain an equitable society where justice, specially for these marginalized women, prevails.


  • To promote health awareness and bring about an improvement in the physical and mental health condition of conflict affected women
  • To provide capacity building activities in order to enhance skills for self-reliance and socio-economic development
  • To provide livelihood measures for sustainable development and growth
  • To alleviate poverty and bring about social inclusion of marginalized/conflict affected women through facilitation programmes
  • Empowerment of these women through various methodologies spanning across different communities in the conflict affected region
  • To undertake high quality research and provide consultancy


Miss Theimipei Raleng | Mr. Mathanmi Hungyo

Two individuals who feel and care for the welfare of conflict affected women in conflict zones of North East India and the neighboring South East Asian countries founded this Non-profit Organisation.


Recognize Rise and Empower Association is a Non- profit organization incorporated on 25th July 2017 under the Companies Act 2013(18 of 2013) with license number 109666.